Tasting New Orleans

Just came back from my second trip to New Orleans. I was there for a two-day conference but the most exciting thing for me was heading out to try the restaurants after endless meetings at the end of each day. The hotel was right by the water and near all the historical sites. Best of all, there are tons of nice places around within walking distance for amazing food. On my agenda this time was three places to sample. John Besh’s August was the highlight of my previous trip a year ago and once again topped my dining adventure this time.



You typically would need to make a reservation ahead of time to dine at August. But one trick I learned is that you can always get a table at any restaurant’s bar area and enjoy the same menu. It was a little odd for me to dine alone but too bad it is hard to find another person to share the same craze this time. Oh well, the upside is that I don’t have to share anything at all, it is all mine! 



The first course was the potato gnocchi with truffle, crab meat and parmesan cheese. DELICIOUS! the gnocchi is light and fluffy and the truffle aroma blended well with the cream sauce. The crab added nice texture and the parmesan cheese was nice and salty. Just heavenly!


Second course was Gumbo Herb. It is a cute version of the gumbo idea but with a twist. The bottom of the plate is roasted garlic paste and andouille sausage. Then topped with a farm raised boiled egg. The waitress poured the herb soup right in front of me. I’m a big fan of soft cooked egg, so this dish gave me a lot of new ideas to serve eggs.


 Grand finale is a lemon curd souffle tart. The souffle was cloudy and fruity. There are still a lot for me to learn!

I heard a lot of rumbling about this local joint called “Mother’s”. unfortunately, by the time I got there, I was already pretty full from my meal at August so I only ordered the bread pudding.


Usually, people get in long lines to get food there. It was not too bad for me that day. The bread pudding is pretty good, moist and sweet. The nice touch was the bourbon sauce poured over the bread. Another nice touch was the fresh fruit that baked with the pudding, particularly the whole roasted grapes pushed the pudding up a notch despite the uninviting look.


I found restaurant R’evolution through reading many on-line trip reviews. I thought the place did a good job with presenting innovative food courses. But my own experience was somewhat fell short of my expectation, maybe I didn’t order the right food.


First course was crab Beignet with 4 different sauces. The beignet was nicely fried and the meat inside was delicious but it did not give me the “wow”…


Second course was broiled Oyster with bread crumb, cheese and smoked butter. The presentation was nice with a block pink salt as the plate (which I now have one at home too 🙂 ) This dish would be a nice side when drinking a beer. Still, didn’t get “wowed”…


The dessert is the best of the night. I ordered a white chocolate bread pudding creme brulee. The pudding has many layers of flavor and texture – soft bread pudding on the bottom, white chocolate mousse on top and torched on surface. The sugar lace ball brought the presentation to another level. The details of the dish was also very nicely done – Lemon-scented Apricots, Salted Bourbon Caramel Sauce and pistachio nuts. It seems like their other desserts are pretty good too so I would go back for desserts next time.



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