Scallop & Escargot


I was taking my stroll in Whole Foods the other day and spotted these snails. I thought it would be fun to make a nice appetizer out of them. Snails do not have a lot of flavors themselves, so the seasoning is very important. Unfortunately, these snails came stuffed with butter and herbs already, so I can’t do much with it. All I needed to do is bake them in 340 degree oven for 10 minutes. What I could do, however, was to pan sear some scallops to go with them.

Before I cooked the scallop, I drunk them with rice wine overnight, patted them dry and seasoned them with vanilla salt. It added a nice sweet flavor to the scallop. Then I covered them in rice powder to dry out the surface, which made it easier to pan fry with butter and also left a crispy crust once it was done.

Put some rainbow micro-greens at the bottom of the plate and layered on the scallop and then the snail. The juice from the scallop made a nice sauce. This is a simple dish to make at home and yet looks like from fancy restaurants 😉


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