Chinese Dates Honey and Yam Spoon Desert


I got this idea from a cook book and always wanted to try it. The original recipe calls for watermelon as the bottom and blueberry sauce on top which is going to be fantastic for the summer time.  While I thought it is too cold for the watermelon now that we are in the middle of winter and a better topping might be with Chinese dates honey instead of the blueberry sauce to make it very Chinese. It will be very refreshing for the holiday meals and couldn’t be easier to put together. When I taste my own food, I usually do just a small bite to get only the flavor while I loved this one so much, I ate all the 4 spoonful before I even realized it! The smooth and creamy taste of the yam with the dark sweet dates honey is like a match in heaven and certainly calls for a pad on my own shoulder 🙂 



Chinese Yam: 1 pound

Heavy Cream: 2 table-spoon

Sugar: 1 table-spoon

Chinese dates honey: 4 tea-spoon

Optional sides: raw peanuts 1/2 cup ; milk 1 cup; water 1 cup



Peel the yam and steam it for about 30 minutes. Mash the yam with the sugar and the cream until smooth. Chill in fridge for 30 minutes. Use a piping bag to pipe the mashed yam into each of the serving spoons and top it with 1 tea-spoon of dates honey

If you like the peanuts as much as I do, cook the peanuts in milk and water for an hour and fish out the peanuts once cooled down and serve that on the side of the spoon.

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