Taste of MonteCarlo


I first got to know about Monte Carlo through movie “Once Upon a Crime”. It was a murder/romance/comedy which was set place in this casino town by the Mediterranean sea. I remember a lot of screaming and laughing, from me, in that dated little school movie theater back in college. Most people probably know it through Princess Grace. I have always wanted to visit this, to me,  mysterious and fairy tale place. So after 6 hours train ride from Paris. We finally set our feet on the wonder land.


The first thing we quickly came to realize was that Taxis are hard to find! With all the luggage, the kid and no internet connection, we almost doubted that we could ever find our hotel. Luckily, a welcoming policemen tried to explain to us how to get to the place by  taking a bus. Of course, he only speaks French, and we know nothing more than reading simple menu at this point. But we managed to figure out which bus and how all through his very vivid enacting! Still want to say “Thanks, Sir!”


The second thing we quickly came to realize was that the food are even more expensive than in Paris! But fortunately, the quantity and quality justified a lot for it. The unforgettable part of dining at Monte Carlo, Monaco, was the combination of good food and great view!


I made a reservation at one of the top places for lunch. My dear husband refused to bring his suit along for the trip. understandably, it was a long trip with many luggage already. I thought no big deal, who would turn down customers just because of that. Turned out, this one is serious. Well, there are plenty other places to try. We passed by this one ” La Maree” just along the sea port. It was everything I had imagined for a gorgeous view.


The amuse bouche was duck Foire Grais with Fig jam. My assessment on duck Foire Grais stands!

IMG_1604 IMG_1605

The highlight of the meal was the Royal Bouillabaisse. They served it right at table side. The Stew was thick and meaty, good flavor.

For dinner, we ate at Cafe de Paris. It is nicely situated right within the Monte Carlo Square. Though the services are high-end, the flows are more casual to me. It was not just outdoor dining but also people watching and taking in all the mediterranean summer breeze.  Some are even sitting right at the edge of the cafe and waiting to see all the luxury cars making a turn around the street 😉



Despite the € sign attached to each of the dish, I did find the food very solid. The octopus salad was fresh and rich in content, unlike most of the octopus salad we had so far.

IMG_1479 IMG_1480

The calf liver and beef stew was hearty but not too greasy.


The flaming creme brulee brought the heat up to another level 🙂

The most memorable dishes, though, were at those small places that we stumbled upon.


This is the most fun mixed plate we had during this whole trip. Just look at the size. The bread was fried, which reminded us of a similar fried dough back at China. The roasted eggplant on top was also delicious with the goat cheese.


Who would think the crab salad would come with thinly sliced pineapple and that crab and avocado are so great together!

My memories of Monte Carlo, Monaco will be always Mediterranean sunny and tasty.


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