Taste of Amsterdam


Amsterdam was our first stop in a two-week European trip this summer. I had to say that I kept my expectation low at the beginning given our next stop would be in Paris. But, it completely took us by surprise and actually became the most enjoyable among all.

Where should I start? Well, let’s begin with specialty foods that is unique to the Netherlands…

Pancake (Pannenkoeken)


It is a hybrid between French Crepe and American pancake. And it is huge! This pancake house nearby our hotel offers close to a hundred of options and we ordered a ham & cheese, bacon & cheese, as well as banana chocolate. My favorite was the bacon & cheese. It has a lot more flavors.



DSC_2322 DSC_2324

This is also a Netherlands’ specialty. It is two pieces of waffles stuck together with caramel. There is a hind of cinnamon to it. You can find it everywhere, but the best is to try it freshly made in the farmers’ market. We went to Albert Cuypmarkt for it and found many other fun foods there. Definitely worth a visit.

Herring Broodjes


If you like sushi, you’ll like this fish. It is pretty popular as a street food. I like to eat it with the pickle which is sweeter than what we normally have here in the States.



People might not realize it but compare to Paris, Amsterdam is a great and affordable place for seafood. We went to this seafood place (Restaurant Lucia)  twice during our stay and was extremely happy with what they had to offer! Langoustine is something we don’t normally see in the states so we ordered a full plate of that each time. Smoked eel is also something I’ve never had before and my god it is so good! Whelk is kind of like snail only bigger and sweeter in my mind. This just might be our favorite place during the whole trip!

IMG_1672 IMG_1671 DSC_2374 IMG_1673

Local Plates


We followed online reviews on this cute small place in Dam Square, only 5 minutes away from our hotel, called Van Kirkwikj. It does not have a menu but rather the waiter would sit down with you (yes) and talk to you about what they offer that day. What was interesting to me was the steak dish with goat cheese and strawberry sauce, a combination I would never have considered. Have to say the flavor is a little bit too strong to my liking since the fruity sauce actually enhanced the metallic taste of the meat and the strong taste of the goat cheese. But still, I appreciate the innovation. A taste blockbuster was the horseradish cream they paired with smoked salmon. It was super refresher and sweet.

DSC_2229 DSC_2228 DSC_2231 DSC_2234

Upscale eating


Didn’t want to spoil my French cuisine adventure in Paris, I avoided any French restaurants which are typically where the high end food is served. Instead, I chose this place that is quite unique on its own – a green house turned restaurant called De Kas.


The dining room is a huge glass green house and all the vegetables served are grown right there. The food were very beautifully plated, light and refreshing. This is another meal we will be remembering for years.

IMG_0851 IMG_0850 IMG_0854 IMG_0858

This and That

I didn’t know before but Holland actually makes great cheese! We came across this “cheese museum” which is really inside a large souvenir shop. You can sample all the cheeses they sell there. We obviously had a great “meal” tasting all those cheese 🙂

IMG_0958 IMG_0957

The nice lady helped us cutting the cheese we bought and that was a great snack for the day.

While bicycling in the city, we stumbled upon this great chocolate shop. The mere sight of the display intoxicates me!

IMG_0925 IMG_0932

You might have seen travel shows talking about the those popular vendor place for snacks in Amsterdam. We tried it too, not too thrilled about it. It is mainly fried food with too bright color..


Again, I would highly recommend walking down the Albert Cuyp market and sample all the fun street food they have to offer!


More to come on my food adventure in Paris and Monaco, stay tuned!

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