My 2012 Restaurant Favorites

For the past couple of years, I took on the interest of trying unique foods that really inspire me. Here are a few that truely left a deep impression –


This is a starter dish from Aklare, San Sebastian, Spain. It is presented as a beach. The sand was made of shrimp which you can clearly recoganize the flavor. The mussel was made out of chocolate with a real mussel meat inside. The sea plant was made out of corn! Bravo! With a starter dish like this, you can imagine what the main courses would be like.


A bakery in Barcelona, simply my dream display if I had one…

Cracked Egg

This is the most incredible dessert I’ve ever had in Madrid. It looks exactly like a boiled egg but the shell was made of chocolate, the egg while was made of coconut and yolk was mango puree!


This is a dish I had in San Maarten which is called the culinary capital of the Caribean and it lives up to its reputation. At this restaurant “L’Estaminet” in Grand Case, a lovely couple runs a very innovative French shop. This appetizer is the special for that day and it is layers of short bread cookie with goat cheese and pear cooked in wine, AMAZING. they also do a mozzarella cheese foam on the side which is very intersting. I made a home verson of this a few weeks back, they are not too hard to replicate, it is the idea that is very clever.

Cheese Plate

A cheese course that is more than just cheese! It shows a revelution of grape and milk from young to old.. start with fresh grape and milk presented in surprising form and graduately turn into cheese and wine at the end.. I’m normally not a big fan of cheese course ’cause they are too easy, but this one is anything but easy!

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